mocoloco’s lab is open to directors, art directors, producers, photographers and all the crazy, creative people out there willing to shoot beautiful objects in a conventional or unconventional way.

We will be happy to share with you our know-how, the result of thousands of hours filming all kinds of objects, and help you find the best way to achieve the shot of your dreams.

We have a strong background in filming, lighting, directing, editing, 3D, VFX and compositing, programming, eating, drinking, googeling and all have a master in DIY that helps us finding unconventional solutions to all problems.

Our equipment is in house owned, all you need to bring, is a bright shiny object and your creativity.

Need a quick start? Let's have a coffee and we will be ready to shoot!


to work in the macro motion control world
you have to be a little loco…
patient and passionate

we are a little of all this and more.

Christophe Persoz

cinematographer / dop
senior motion control operator

Jean-Paul Cardinaux

consultant filmmaker
rig and mount designer
junior motion control operator

Together we will find the best solution to mount your precious object on our rig.
We will then find the best angles, movements and light to film it.

We are here to help and share our multiple experiences to make your pictures perfect and keep you coming back for more!

Come over and challenge us with 
the shot of your dreams!

Rue Viollier, 6 / 1207 Geneva
+41 22 341 23 48

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